Learn HTML Basics Fast

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Learn HTML Basics Fast

Learn HTML Basics Fast with this course

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop their own website.
  • Computer Knowledge


This is the bite size course to learn HTML. You will learn HTML very fast and You will create your own website very soon after learning the course.


  1. Install HTML Text Editor
  2. HTML Document Standards
  3. Headings
  4. Paragraphs
  5. Line breaks, Bold, Italics
  6. Superscript and Subsript
  7. Unordered List, Ordered List
  8. HTML Table
  9. HTML Table 2
  10. Hyperlink
  11. Add Image
  12. Add Youtube
  13. Feedback Forms
  14. Create Your own Website 1
  15. Create Your own Website 2
  16. Create Your own Website 3
Who is the target audience?
  • Beginner Programmer who wants to learn HTML

Created by Eric M. H. Goh
Last updated 7/2018




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